Footprints Curriculum

‘Footprints Curriculum: our learning, our impact, our world’

The Spiritual Moral Social Cultural (SMSC Curriculum) Curriculum is integrated into Springfield’s wider curriculum through ‘Footprints’. 

The children explore the ‘footprints’ made by Mankind, impacting:

-Our Community – Representation

-Global Societies – Aspiration

-Environment – Sustainability 

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Footprints allows the children to reflect upon:

-the steps they take

-the marks they make

-the prints they leave

These are embedded across the curriculum: they will learn from steps taken in the past (e.g History), assess marks being made in the present (e.g PSHE/RSE) and consider the prints that will be left for the future (e.g Geography/Sustainability), ultimately having a positive impact on their world.   

To see how the curriculum is mapped at Springfield, follow the Topic Overview links:
Nursery Year 3
Reception Year 4
Year 1 Year 5
Year 2 Year 6

The Thinking:

Through these learning opportunities core values are nurtured: 

ROL – Rule of Law     D – Democracy     MR – Mutual Respect     IL – Individual Liberty

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