Eco monitors

Springfield is a Green Flag Award Eco-School

This means we have Green Flag approval from Eco-Schools, showing that we do as much as possible to reduce, re use and recycle.

We have dedicated ECO monitors that carry out recycling and composting duties on a daily basis. Currently we compost all fruit waste but we are going to further develop our food waste systems in order to also compost left over school dinners in the near future.

Community Composting Team

Community Composting Team

Read about our composting activities here: All About Compost

We hope that everyone is trying their best to be ECO friendly at home by turning off light switches and computers when not needed. It is important also not to leave our televisions or sky boxes on standby as this wastes energy. We remind ourselves at school by having an ECO Mission

To find out more about Eco-Schools, visit the website by clicking the logo: 

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