Local Advisory Board

The Primary Advantage Federation has a formal governing board with representatives from all eight schools. Each school has a Local Advisory Board that meets at least four times a year and supports the Headteacher and Executive Principal in making strategic decisions that will improve outcomes for pupils. Each Local Advisory Board reports to the Central Governing Board once per term.  Our Local Advisory Board includes representatives from our parents, staff and community.

The Local Advisory Board meet regularly to support and challenge the school to continue to provide children with a high quality education.  They look at outcomes for all pupils at Springfield and look at how well our children are doing compared to children nationally.  They also receive finance reports, health and safety reports, curriculum reports and help the school to make decisions that will benefit our school community.

Content-WideFAQLAB Members Statements

Nina Pope – Chair of Local Advisory Board, Member of Primary Advantage Central Governing Board, Curriculum

“Nina is an artist and lecturer who cares passionately about excellent, inclusive education for all – from primary to further education. She is particularly interested in the different ways that people learn and think creatively and how teaching practice can be adapted to best include all students.

Since 2003 Nina has co-directed a small not-for-profit arts organisation known primarily for documentary films and public art. These projects have allowed her to work in collaboration with people of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

Nina has worked as a part-time lecturer in higher education for over 20 years tutoring MA design students at the Royal College of Art and most recently BA students at Goldsmiths college. Nina has previously been a trustee for 2 different charities helping to establish ‘The Friends of Abbey Gardens’ to run a public ‘harvest garden’ in Newham, which she originally co-designed.”

Anna Case – Assistant Head at Springfield Primary School, Federation Governor, Local Advisory Board Staff Member; Safeguarding & Health and Safety

“I have worked at Springfield for 6 years and have taught in KS1 and KS2. I am one of the Assistant Head Teachers and I am responsible for teaching and learning in maths. I also work as part of our Teaching School, leading on teaching early reading and embedding the use of ‘The Fundamentals’, our assessment tool.”

Alex Eastwood – Local Advisory Board Member (Parent);  SEN/Inclusion & Finance and Traded Services

“I’ve been a Parent Associate Member since October 2016. My daughter, Bella, is in Year 3.” 

Bilal Batha – Local Advisory Board Member (Parent).

“I have over 4 years School Governor experience at a local primary school in Hackney and have worked in education services for over 5 years. A former pupil of the school when it was known as Craven Park!”

Naomi Herlitz – Local Advisory Board Member, Finance & GDPR

The Parent LAB Members are usually available in the school playground at the beginning and end of the day for parent assistance, questions or comments.

The LAB Impact Statement can be found here..

The Register for Pecuniary Interests can be found here.

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If you have any comments or questions for the Chair of the Central Governing Board or the Local Advisory Board please press here.