At Springfield, we are proud of all the children’s achievements, whether they be sporting, creative, academic, personal or social. Every year in Key Stage 2, Year 6 pupils, by law, have to sit academic SATs tests. We also report statutory assessments at the end of Reception Year (Early Years Foundation Stage) and Key Stage One (Year 2). This gives a percentage of children who have achieved the expected level of attainment, alongside those that have reached a higher standard than expected. We use these outcomes to measure the achievement of our pupils against national averages. The results are published every December for the public to see.

The results for 2017 and provisional results for 2018 are laid out below: 

(*GLD: Good level of Development, *RWM: Reading,. Writing & Maths Combined)

For a further breakdown of Springfield’s results on the Department for Education Performance Tables, you may click on the link below:

School Performance Table